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Our Mission & Impact

Is To Be The Change That Improves Economic Development

Innovation is a driving force in the economic development of nations. Therefore, at IIF,  innovative entrepreneurship is being considered a key factor in modern economic development.

Our mission is to be the catalyst for job creation as the entrepreneurs we support bring new ideas to life that create entirely new markets or revitalize existing ones—and, in the process, spur economic growth.

We Help Entrepreneurs Master The Following Abilities

The Ability of Making Decisions

The Ability of Leadership

The Ability of Employment

The ability of making decision plays an influential role in starting a company. According to RAND Corporation, 85% of the bankrupt companies are led by wrong decisions. Entrepreneurs should be equipped with the skilled ability of collecting, processing, and analysis. They should be adept in grasping all information from the economic society, so as to form rational thinking and make decisions according to reality.

The leading ability has become an important characteristic to judge whether the company can succeed. Entrepreneurs must establish the company’s object and their leadership must be displayed in the process of realizing its object by commanding, leading, guiding, and encouraging. A leader with excellent value and personality can make a member respect, accept, and follow them.  They can also own a group of steadfast followers and supporters

The Ability of Employment refers to the ability of correspondence. Running a business not only needs visible property but also needs invisible property, namely harmonious personal network. It is needless to say that when you are about to do anything, you need people’s help and support, such as team members, investors, local governments, etc. Consequently, one needs good psychological personality, group consciousness and skilled ability in human communication and correspondence, and the spirit of cooperation and devotion.

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