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Human Capital Initiative

Connecting, Inspiring & Supporting Innovators Who Develop Social Impact Solutions


The Human Capital Initiative (HCI) is a groundbreaking initiative developed by the Impact Innovation Foundation in partnership with GatherVerse Ventures. HCI is a vibrant ecosystem of collaboration and empowerment bringing together subject matter experts, visionaries, and resources from around the world. It is within this collaborative environment that social impact startups and organizations flourish, creating innovative solutions that address pressing global challenges. Together, we embark on a journey of collective impact, fueled by the power of human capital. HCI empowers social impact startups and organizations by providing them with the essential resources, mentorship, education, and funding they need to thrive and make a lasting difference.

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Meet innovators striving to impact humanity:

At IIF, collaboration is key in making an impactful and global change. No one person or organization has all of the answers. Therefore, the Human Capital Initiative has been created for two reasons:

  1. To build a HCI Community

  2. To build a HCI Innovation Fund

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An Ecosystem of Collaboration & Empowerment

IIF was born out of the recognition that traditional approaches alone cannot address the complex and interconnected issues we face today. Therefore, HCI has brought on Lead Nonprofits to build a diverse and inclusive ecosystem of change-makers. By bringing together subject matter experts, visionaries, and resources from various sectors, HCI is able to foster cross-pollination of ideas and the exchange of best practices, ultimately amplifying the impact of social innovations around the world. Our Lead Nonprofits:

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IIF recognizes that social impact is multi-faceted and requires a targeted approach. Our Programs:

  • Virtual Education Program providing a roadmap for developing key components of a business, with a focus on impact scalability.

  • Virtual Business Fellowship Program to develop a Startup Launch Packet, providing the tools and strategies to build traction and generate revenue.

  • Provide grants, no interest loans, and program related investments, effecting the change needed to cause a global impact.


Euromersive brings added value to the HCI and the broader community in several ways:

  • As the European federation of XR professionals, they possess a deep understanding of immersive media, emerging technologies, and the metaverse.

  • Access to a thriving community of over 6000 XR professionals.

  • Through a Virtual Education platform, they provide a unique opportunity to learn and grow.

X|ergry brings added value to the HCI and the broader community in several ways:

  • They provide the ultimate launchpad for SusTech startups to valuate, validate and optimize new business ideas through lean assessment, demonstration, practical application, and evaluation cycle.

  • Virtual transformative ecosystem for SusTech startups to access a vast array of knowledge, expertise, and resources from investors, industry leaders, academia, and policy makers.

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