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Brian Waterfield

HCI Advisory Council

Ireland, UK

Brian Waterfield is a pioneering expert in XR technology with over 18 years of experience in the automotive, 10 years in construction and over 3 years in higher education, driving development, innovation, and immersive visualization. With a deep understanding of these fields, Brian has been transformative in all these sectors through his expertise in XR technology, digital transformation, and research into high-end visualization.


Brian has actively contributed to many other fields, leveraging XR technology to increase visualization and understanding. He has helped organizations enhance their design, planning, and project management processes through immersive techniques. Brian's unique blend of expertise in understanding XR technology has allowed him to drive positive change in industry, empowering professionals with innovative tools and approaches.

Not only is Brian the founder of ImmerseUK, but he also serves as the Chair and founder of the UK Immersive Futures Alliance. In these positions, he has accelerated the convergence of knowledge streams, laying the foundation for change in the digital and metaverse space. Brian's leadership has been instrumental in connecting, inspiring, and guiding digital entrepreneurialism, encouraging both start-ups and larger firms to embrace digital transformation and XR adoption.

His expertise in XR technology, digital transformation, human-in-the-loop design, and research innovation has earned him prestigious awards and acknowledgements. With a passion for driving positive change, Brian continues to inspire and guide organizations and academic institutions toward realizing their digital vision.

Brian Waterfield
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