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Genevieve Gee

HCI Advisory Council Chair

Toronto, Canada

Genevieve works to orient around maximizing human impact using a needs driven approach with clients such as governments, corporations and investors that have an identified requirement for systems change. This includes organizational development, systems processing, scaling, M&A structuring, global expansion, recruitment / hiring / training platforms.


Genevieve has defined Human Impact through her company, Aton Path, as the measurement of improved change of physical health, mental health, social capital, environmental impact, and economic participation within a predefined system over time.


Human Impact change making is industry, scope, and scale agnostic. Genevieve has worked in a cross section of sectors as well as an abundance of SME entrepreneurs and large corporations.


Genevieve has consulted for 2000+ companies over ten years as an executive consultant or strategic advisor. This includes various governments around the world, the UN’s University for Peace, and multinational corporations like HP and Disney. She has worked with a variety of indigenous groups and enjoys leading cross-cultural negotiations, orienting at-odds stakeholders around human impact KPIs for successful completion of initiatives.


Currently, she works as CEO of Aton Path, alongside her co-founder and business partner, Government Relations Director Christopher Haswell. Aton Path runs on an online Venture Studio Model that is designed to maximize Human Impact by combining impact intervention initiatives, supporting services and multipliers like investors or knowledge transfer platforms.


Genevieve’s goal is to create a paradigm shift around reorienting economic platforms from profitability to human impact as a decision maker. She does this directly through her company, Aton Path, and through grassroots education programming including guest speaking, lectures, seminar series, blog writing and published journals.

Genevieve Gee
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