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Katarina M.V. Galic

HCI Lead Nonprofit: X|ergy

Lisbon, Portugal

Katarina has over 20 years of global experience working with, advising and coaching over 5000 entrepreneurs across Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and North America.

She is the founder and CEO of X|ergy SusTech Powerhouse, the ultimate launchpad for founders and innovative startups and has coined the team SusTech® to help build great businesses across all industries and sectors that can create long term benefits for economy, society and environment.

At the age of 15, she started her first business venture in Europe, and subsequently established businesses in Singapore, Canada, and in Portugal. Her true passion is supporting and empowering entrepreneurs to understand impact, qualities and benefits of sustainable operations - enabling start-ups to scale, expand and grow as they create a long-term impact. Katarina led SusTech® projects across the EU, USA, Singapore, Turkey, etc. She has moderated number of Women in Tech and SDG &Ethics webinars and spoke at numerous events.

Focused on SusTech® productivity, expansion and growth, Katarina’s mission is to inspire innovative ways of thinking, working and collaborating. She is an expert in transforming partnerships, developing strategies for advancement, driving change and accelerating sustainable technologies for the greater good. Katarina is also volunteering Ambassador and a mentor for The Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) of Canada committed to making actionable changes for gender equity, to guide more than 100 organizations across Canada on how to support, attract, and retain women in the digital economy.

Katarina holds BBA from Institut Franco-Américain de Management and also the MBA from IFAM, Paris and is currently enrolled into PhD, Sustainable Energy Systems at MIT Portugal. In 2011, with the Canadian Government scholarship she has obtained the Executive Program at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University following the Management of International Development: Towards Agenda 2030 at the Università Bocconi.

Her mission is to accelerate collaborations and partnership across global south, to leverage open knowledge sharing among SusTech ecosystem (startups, R&D teams, operators, academy, policy makers & investors) for the advantage of sustainable innovations to co-create long-term impact and transform sustainable economy.

Katarina M.V. Galic
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