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Innovation Fund

We offer grants, no interest loans, and program related investments, with the largest funding amounts reserved for innovations that can demonstrate evidence of success and that have the potential to spread across multiple countries. Effecting the change needed to cause a global impact means looking beyond traditional approaches to philanthropy. IIF believes that when our strategic giving is paired with the work of our foundation and partners, we create a critical piece of the puzzle to support global solutions.


When we discover or receive an application from an innovation that could unlock opportunities for under-resourced communities or impact a social cause on a global scale—both nonprofit and for-profit—we analyze the viability and impact of that startup. Our Funding Committee reviews each potential opportunity before we finalize any fund. IIF focuses on only 5 impact areas. Below learn about our 5 impact areas and how to apply for financial support.


Climate Change

It is time to get innovative with how to improve climate change to impact the whole world. We are looking for startups in the following focus Areas:

  • Renewable Energy

  • Regenerative Agriculture

Details Coming Soon >


We are looking for education innovations that will impact and improve the lives of millions.

Focus Areas:

  • 21st Century Education

  • Quality Education

Details Coming Soon >


We are looking for technologies that will impact and improve the lives of millions.

Focus Areas:

  • Web3

  • Software & App

  • New Innovations 

Details Coming Soon >

The Metaverse

We are looking for ways the Metaverse can be used to improve the lives of millions.

Focus Areas:

  • Future of AI & XR

  • Accessibility

  • Security 

Details Coming Soon >


We are looking for innovations that will support our youth in any and all aspects of their lives.

Focus Areas:

  • Mental Health

  • Mentorship

Details Coming Soon >

Additional Information

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Our Funding Criteria

  • Our Impact: We support startups that align with our 5 impact areas of climate change, education, metaverse, technology, and youth.

  • Scalable and Viable Solutions: We look for products and market solutions that can scale widely and have a financially viable model to ensure availability well into the future.

  • Internal Capacity: We want to ensure we are good partners to organizations we support, so we consider whether we have the ability and capacity to be a value-added partner going forward.

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