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IIF is a 501(c)(3) public nonprofit created to support social impact startups and remove barriers that constrain them and stifle innovation in the areas of climate change, education, the metaverse, technology, and our youth. Will you join our team and help make a difference around the world today?

Share Your Impact - Video Submissions

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About the Role

IIF is building a Video Library of the impact being made or going to be made by those who support what we are doing at the Human Capital Initiative. Those who volunteer to create a “Share Your Impact” video, are giving IIF ownership to use your video on all of our platforms and inserted into other video projects as needed.



  • Read IIF's Transparency Guide & Overview to learn about our mission and impact area: Read Here.

  • Record a video in landscape mode via your cell phone or tablet that shares the following:

    • Who You Are

    • Why You Support The Human Capital Initiative

    • What Is The Impact That You Are Makinging or Want To Make

  • How To Record In Landscape Mode: Watch Here

How To Submit Your Video:

  • Instead of actually applying for this role, you will use this application to submit your video.

  • In the Cover Letter Section: Please submit a mini write up on why you support the Human Capital Initiative and your company name if you have one.

  • All videos must be submitted via a free shareable link obtained on Once you have your shareable link of your video add it to the "Addition Information" on the application submission form.

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