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Become A Partner

 Our philosophy revolves around the belief that true impact is achieved through the collective efforts of diverse stakeholders. By partnering together, we can achieve far greater results than we could ever achieve alone.

Partnership Packages

As a partner, your organization gets the opportunity to contribute to a collective fund that bolsters groundbreaking technologies and social enterprises. Yet, the true value of the Partnership Program goes beyond monetary contributions. It's about becoming part of a global community committed to putting 'Humanity First,' ensuring equitable access to technological advancements, and fostering a more sustainable and inclusive future.

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Embrace Unity,
Ignite Change

At the very heart of progress lies the power of unity—the recognition that when we pool our resources, knowledge, and energy, we ignite transformative change. 

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Empower Innovation,
Invest in Humanity

By investing in a future where human potential is the ultimate capital, our partners become integral pillars of support, fueling a range of initiatives aimed at nurturing startups, advancing education, and driving the benefits of innovation to every corner of our world.

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Make a Statement,
Champion a Vision

As a Partner, you signal to your stakeholders, employees, and customers that your organization is a harbinger of a future where progress, growth, and innovation are shared values that benefit everyone, irrespective of geographical boundaries or socio-economic distinctions.

Partnership Packages

Catalyst Partners

$500 a Month

As a Catalyst Partner, organizations get the opportunity to be the spark that ignites change.



  • Certificate of Appreciation

  • Logo featured on HCI website 

  • Quarterly impact reports showcasing the difference their contribution is making (starting 2024)

Innovator Partners

$1,000 a Month

As an Innovator Partner, organizations fuel the growth and development of groundbreaking initiatives.



  • Benefits of Catalyst Partners

  • Invitations to exclusive HCI webinars

  • Organization’s name highlighted in the HCI newsletter

Visionary Partners

$5,000 a Month

As a Visionary Partner, organizations make a significant investment in the future of humanity.



  • Benefits of Innovator Partners

  • Co-hosting opportunities for selected HCI events (special recognition at selected events)

  • A feature story on the HCI website

Pioneer Partners

$10,000 a Month

As Pioneer Partners, organizations lead the charge towards a more equitable and innovative future.



  • Benefits of Visionary Partners

  • Opportunities for joint branding on specific projects

  • A seat at an exclusive HCI annual roundtable discussion

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What Is Candid?

Candid validate nonprofits’ status and ensures compliance with Charity Check, the only solution that is 100% compliant with all IRS requirements. 

Candid has 4 Transparency Seals: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Seals give funders insights into each organization, enabling educated grant giving decisions.


IIF has a 2023 Platinum Transparency Seal.


Click To View Our Profile On Candid.

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