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When 1 Startup Reaches Success - Millions Are Impacted
IIF mentors, funds, and helps startups launch in the following areas:
  • Climate Change
  • Education
  • Health
  • Technology for Human Betterment
  • Youth (Mental Health)
Fist Pound

Impact Innovation Foundation (IIF), a 501(c)(3) public nonprofit, believes that everyone deserves the chance to not only live a healthy and productive life, but also have the opportunity to create viable solutions that will impact the lives of others. Our mission is to support startups created to improve social impact areas around the world. We are a nonprofit fighting to globally improve climate change, education, health, youth mental health, and technology for human betterment.

Our Impact:

  • We support innovators looking to try new things, learn from their mistakes, and refine their approach. We have a critical role to play in accelerating the cycle of innovation. By supporting startups we are supporting breakthroughs that will improve the lives of millions globally.

  • We build partnerships that bring together subject matter experts, resources, and visionaries from around the world to identify issues, mentor startups, and drive change. Collaboration is key in making an impactful and global change. No one person or organization has all of the answers. The challenges of our youth, education, climate change, technology, and the metaverse sit at the intersection of so many disciplines. Imagine if we were all part of the solution. Our role is to provide the arena for all to learn from and support each other.

  • We accept applications, from non-profits and for-profits that align with one or more of our 5 impact innovation areas, to apply for grant funds. Our desire is to ensure businesses and organizations are financially supported to build, expand, and evolve their innovative solutions.


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