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Impact Innovation Foundation (IIF)

Where The Innovation Of One Changes The Lives Of Millions 


IIF is a 501(c)(3) public nonprofit created to support startups and remove barriers that constrain them and stifle innovation in the areas of climate change, education, health, youth mental health, and technology for human betterment. Through education, business fellowships, funding, and research, IIF provides a global community and arena to help impactful startups succeed.


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The IIF Experience

(For Startups)

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At the end of this virtual interactive course students will have their businesses mapped out in a business plan and have their branding established. 

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At the end each fellowship, startups walk away with a 12-24 Month Startup Launch Packet to begin building traction and create revenue.

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For those who complete our Education and Business Fellowship Program, they may apply for capital to implement their Startup Launch Plan.


Economic Development

Virtual Entrepreneurship Development Program

The Virtual Entrepreneurship Development Program is to empower individuals living in economically disadvantaged areas to establish and sustain home-based businesses. Our goal is to actively engage with community leaders and organizations to identify and recruit potential participants.  This program directly contributes to the economic upliftment of individuals and communities by creating new income opportunities and fostering a sustainable economic environment.


Events Brought To You By Our Event Partner GatherVerse

AI Evolve

September 10, 2024

AI Evolve: The Interface of AI, Education and the Workforce.

This summit is dedicated to serving as a platform for understanding how AI intersects with education and the workforce.


Virtual World Symposium

October 15, 2024

The Virtual World Symposium stands as an insightful virtual event that addresses the core questions surrounding ai powered virtual worlds.

Participants will gain a comprehensive perspective on the critical importance of virtual worlds and their potential to redefine human interaction, community building, and experiential learning.


Youth Summit 2025

January 21-22, 2025

The GatherVerse Youth Summit 2025 stands as a pioneering virtual event, uniting emerging technologies with the essence of human values, through the perspectives of both the youth and adults.

This 24-hour global summit will traverse every continent—Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, South America, North America, Oceania, and include a unique segment from Antarctica—allocating specific hours to each to cultivate a worldwide dialogue on leveraging technology for the greater good of humanity.

This event is composed to be the most extensive of its kind ever held. We extend an invitation to anyone who envisions a future where technology elevates our collective human experience, promoting a world that is more universally, ethical, and sustainable.






Impact Areas


Global Entrepreneurs
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