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Become A Pledge Partner

As a Pledge Partner, your commitment holds the power to catalyze lasting social change. Pledge Partners play a pivotal role in advancing our mission to empower startups with preparation, education, and the resources crucial for launch and traction building. 

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Priming Social Impact Startups

We Support our Pledge Partners through our Education and Fellowship Programs.


At IIF, we are committed to ensuring that startups succeed. Through our education and fellowship programs, we enable startups to showcase their readiness and engage investors with confidence. By following our meticulously designed programs, startups address concerns and gaps that often deter VC investments. Our partnership cultivates a dynamic ecosystem fostering innovation, expediting growth, and magnifying the influence of viable social ventures.

4 Ways IIF Strengthens Startups for VC Investment:

Preparation & Education

Startups are prepared before seeking investment, with a strong understanding of their business model, business plan, market, go-to-market strategy, and growth strategy.

Mentorship & Pitching Practice

We guide startups through refining their strategies and navigating challenges. We help startups refine their pitching skills, ensuring that they can effectively communicate their value proposition and growth potential to investors.

Network Access & Validation

We provide startups with access to a network of industry contacts, potential partners, and customers. Startups validate their product or service through pilot programs, partnerships, or early customer feedback.

Investor Connections & Feedback

We connect startups with potential investors and facilitate introductions. Our VC Partners are constantly updated on startups' progress and challenges.

How Pledges Work

Pledge partnership drives real-world impact and your investments steer innovation towards a better future. Together, we can ensure the success of viable social impact solutions.


Pledge operates on a two-fold principle:


  1. Donate 20% of your pledge directly into IIF as a tax-deductible donation upon making Pledge.

  2. In an Agreement Letter, state the remaining 80% of your pledge will be invested over the course of 3 years into viable social impact startups who complete our education and fellowship programs.

Partnership Types

VC Pledge Partners

Minimum of $15M Over Three Years

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VCs like that our approach aligns with the key indicators that they need to see before investing in social impact startups. VCs become pledge partners to have have access to startups who have completed our programs educated, having launched their solutions to demonstrate traction and market validation.


  • Access to all of our startups to mentor and/or give consulting to them during their Business Fellowship.

  • Qualified startups with proven and tested traction to make equity investment deals in.

Company Pledge Partners

Minimum of $5M Over Three Years

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Companies become Pledge Partners to ensure their alumni receive the education and mentorship needed to take their solutions to market and emerge from our programs ready to test their venture and build traction.  



  • Education & Business Fellowships for your Alumni

  • Mentoring & Support for your Alumni to develop, test, and create traction for their social impact ventures.

  • Access to all of our startups who have completed our programs to invest in or support their businesses.

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Pledge Partner Inquiry

Which of our social areas does you company support. (Select All That Apply)

IIF Will Be In Touch!

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What Is Candid?

Candid validate nonprofits’ status and ensures compliance with Charity Check, the only solution that is 100% compliant with all IRS requirements. 

Candid has 4 Transparency Seals: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Seals give funders insights into each organization, enabling educated grant giving decisions.


IIF has a 2023 Platinum Transparency Seal.


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