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How IIF Supports Startups

In the fast-paced world of technology and innovation, startups are at the forefront of transforming ideas into reality, aspiring to drive progress and shape the future. Yet, the journey from inception to success is fraught with challenges. The statistics are sobering: in 2022 alone, an astonishing $590 billion was invested in tech startups, reflecting a global belief in the power of technology to usher in a new era of innovation. However, the landscape of startup success is harsh and unforgiving. An overwhelming 63% of these ventures are doomed to failure within the first five years, leading to a staggering potential loss of $371.7 billion for investors. This stark reality mirrors the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem, where approximately 90% of startups struggle to survive, painting a clear picture of the daunting odds faced by new ventures.

At IIF, we understand that failure is not merely a statistic—it’s a cycle that can be broken. Our mission transcends the conventional, embracing a holistic approach that combines experienced leadership, comprehensive education, personalized mentorship, and strategic funding. The IIF Experience is designed to not just support startups but to transform them, equipping passionate entrepreneurs with the tools, knowledge, and resources they need to not only survive but thrive.

We are committed to redefining the ecosystem for social impact startups. By fostering an environment that values growth, learning, and success, IIF is pioneering a new path forward. Our unique blend of support ensures that startups not only withstand the trials of their early stages but also emerge as leaders of positive transformation, alleviating suffering and paving the way for a just and sustainable future.

How To Fund Your Startup

IIF is currently building our Fund to be able to provide Startup Traction Funding.  We want to ensure startups have access to other resources to help them build their ventures.


The IIF Experience

At IIF, we understand that failure is not merely a statistic—it’s a cycle that can be broken. We have an unwavering commitment to the success of social impact startups. When startups thrive, they usher in positive transformation, alleviate suffering, and advance a more just and sustainable future.

Unlike traditional accelerators and incubators, the IIF Experience is a unique journey for startups. Our tailored, non-cookie cutter support ensures that each venture receives the knowledge, tools, and resources needed for their own long-term success while collecting data through their research teams.

Step 1

Education Program with Mentorship

The Education Program is a comprehensive business initiative that forms the backbone of our mission to catalyze positive social impact. This approach not only enhances their chances of success but also fosters innovation and creative problem-solving. Startups may repeat the education program as many times as needed until they are ready to move on to the Fellowship Program.


Alumni May Apply For A $25K Startup Grant

Step 3 - Part 1

Startup Traction Funding

Investors seek specific milestones and signs of traction in startups before they invest. Startups need to demonstrate product validation, which can include a working prototype and early adopters, to prove market fit and address real problems. Reaching these milestones can be challenging for startups, particularly without financial backing. Our funding provides startups with essential financial support to achieve the milestones that investors seek before they commit.  

Step 2

Fellowship Program with Mentorship

The Fellowship Program is an immersive and intensive initiative designed to prepare startups to launch. After six months, fellows finish with a developed customized Startup Launch Packet. A proprietary and innovative way for startups to have every aspect of their business mapped out and ready to build the day they receive their Startup Traction Funding. 


Qualified Alumni May Apply For Startup Traction Funding ($50k - $1M)

Step 3 - Part 2

Research & News

IIF conducts thorough research on startups that receive Startup Traction funding of $50k or more. This research encompasses a comprehensive evaluation of the startup's impact on society, an assessment of the risks they have successfully navigated, a careful examination of their traction and growth metrics, and the collection of data to substantiate their investment valuation. Our partner, GatherVerse News doesn't just report the news; it showcases the innovative solutions and impactful work of IIF-supported startups.

Transform Your Startup Journey Today

At IIF, we believe in the power of your ideas and the depth of your ambition to create a better world.
Join the IIF experience now for free! Benefit from our tailored programs, gain from our extensive network of mentors and experts, and secure the funding that propels you forward. Your journey towards creating significant social impact begins here.

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